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Great Collection of Resources for Spanish topics

La Ropa Unit

La Casa Unit (#La casa)Spanish Casa

La Familia Unit

La Comida Unit (#comida/) Spanish Food Unit

La Salud Unit

Música (#musica)jesseyjoy


Chistes y Memes (#Chistes)   Chistes1

Proficiency and Task Based Lessons


  • Animales Part 1 of Resources including collecting authentic languages resources
  • Resources for ANIMALES Unit Part 2 of a collection of images, links, and other resources for planning a unit on los animales


Spanish Links

For ready made lesson plans and activities, check out our Spanish Catalog which offers over 100 resources that can be purchased and used immediately in your class.

Spanish Lesson ActivitiesFor items for your classroom including Spanish posters, stamps, and more, check out our with fast shipping available.


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