Familia Resources

Three quick resources to use during your unit on La Familia:

1) Family Trees (árbol genealógico) : Our most popular post includes downloadable family tree images and flipcharts of Modern Family and The Simpson. Seems like most students aren’t very familiar with the Simpsons as they are Modern Family, but they still make good charts.
(Árbol Genealógico de Modern Family)

2) Zachary Jones provides us with this twiccionario… using hastag “EnLaFamiliaSiempreHay”… Instead of having students rewrite the “tuits“, I copy the tuits section so I get 2 to a page and make copies of that. I have students work in pairs to do this activity. First, they highlight the family vocabulary word. Second, they cut out the boxes. And third, they arrange them in a family tree on their desks. We then talk about what each tweet means and see if they have someone in their family that does those things? I mean, who doesn’t have a grandma who calls them the wrong name??

3) El libro “¿Eres tú mi mamá?” the Spanish version of “Are you my mother”, by P.D. Eastman is a great read. But it also makes a great video. You can watch this video on youtube.

The following day I will use the following statements as a bellringer for the students to put in order.

Click to download statements on powerpoint

4) Using culturally-rich photos, such as this photo of Frida Kahlo’s family (she’s standing up on the left in the middle row wearing a man’s suit)

We put together this slide to print off for students to describe the family to their partner to practice.

5) Reflexiciones de Sala63 has this great idea of using Awkward Family Photos to get in meaning reps of family vocbaulary.

6) We use this hilarious postcard teaching the difference between “papá”, “papa” and “el Papa”.Star Wars Parody Spanish7) Check out further ideas on our Pinterest board of “Spanish Familia Unit” with various images and activities for your family chapter.

What are you favorite resources or activities to do during a family unit?

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1 Response to Familia Resources

  1. Amy Saucer says:

    Our favorite family activity is road trippin’ across the country. We drove 7,000 miles through 16 states this summer with 3 boys ages 5, 7, and 9. Our mini van’s nickname is the senora mobile!!

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