Canciones de Sie7e and Camila

Today in class, we started with the song “Tengo tu love” by Puerto Rican artist Sie7e (Siete). To start off, I had the students listen to the song and try to write down any names of Spanish or English language artists and also any infinitives. You can have students listen for any particular type of word. It gives the students a meaningful task to focus on listening for something specific.

Then I showed the official video, which is an entertaining video, and I also had up a lyric video so students could see the actual lyrics. To do this, I opened two windows in my internet browers, found the video, and then re-sized the screen so they both fit. I muted one of the videos and away it went. You can see both videos after the jump. After the video, I asked students what country Sie7e was from, and a few were able to tell me Puerto Rico. They were able to recognize the Puerto Rican flag in the video. I also pointed out the use of the word “guagua” which Puerto Ricans use instead of the word “bus”.

To start tomorrow’s class we will be listening to Camila’s song “De que me sirve la vida”. This time, I will print off a lyric sheet and cut them into strips and put the strips into envelopes. Students will work in partners to put the strips in order. You can download my sentence strips here and see the videos after the jump. I know a lot of teachers have mentioned the song “Tengo tu love” on twitter’s #langchat, but thanks to a fellow Spanish teacher Señor Jordan for his post on this song.

Be careful when looking up lyrics or looking up lyric videos for the following song, as there are apparently two slightly different versions out there.


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