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I think we can all agree that the textbooks’ family trees are as engaging as an 8 a.m. lecture in a lecture hall of thousands. After a few years of using my own personal family to teach the family vocabulary words, I’ve instead started to use families that the students are somewhat familiar with (although I refuse to do the Kardashian family).

The Simpsons is one of those shows that includes a nuclear and extended family with enough people to fill out all the vocabulary words. Take a look at the following picture (blank and filled in).


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After the jump, check out our Modern Family Family Tree based on the hit ABC sitcom Modern Family and other family related projects and lessons….

Modern Family

Can even incorporate step-father (padrastro), step-son (hijasto), adopted (adoptada), divorced (divorciado) which describes many of our students’ lives.

Other activities I like to do with the family unit are to have students bring in a family

For more great ideas,, check out our resources for units

For more great ideas,, check out our resources for units

photo (or any photo) and have them describe the picture to their partner, group, or the whole class. Talking about who the people are, their names, ages, physical descriptions, personality, likes/dislikes and any other topic they have learned.

FamilyAlbumProjectOr if you prefer the traditional route, have the students create a Family Album. For one dollar you get the project outline and a rubric, all ready to be passed out to your students. Lesson-plan free!

If you are ready for games, have the students play Guess Who (¿Adivina Quién? Helps AdivinaQuienstudents describe what people look like and forming yes or no questions. Help your students by giving them this cheat sheet. For only a few dollars you can print off one for every student or make a class set.

Also, be sure to check out our FAMILIA UNIT pinterest board with pictures and other ideas for the family unit.

[*edit* Read our newest post with family resources]

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