Authentic Resources for Recetas

If you are looking for some comprehensible input for your food unit using authentic resources, then we’ve got something for you.

We’ve transcribed a few authentic cooking tutorials in Spanish from youtube that you can use as listening or interpretive reading activities with your students. Students then will re-write the steps to the recipe using their own vocabulary. If at novice level, scaffold the tasks with the students, and have them write very basic steps of the recipe. An intermediate student can write more detailed steps.


Spanish Recipe AuthResCheck out our Recipes Cloze that includes 4 cloze activities along with a template for students to rewrite the recipe, such as how to make:

  • smoothie de banana
  • agua de tuna
  • salsa habanera
  • salsa verde

Also, be sure to check out our Database of Recipe Tutorial Transcriptions on youtube with transcriptions which currently includes the four above plus how to make Tacos de Lengua! We encourage you to contribute to this database by adding your own!

Check out our other food resources for more activities and authentic resources.

Spanish Recipes

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