Spanish 1 Teaching Resource Guide Book

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Spanish 1 Teaching Resource Guide Book: A Teacher’s Guide
Pages: 52

Welcome to the Level 1 Spanish Teacher Guide, 5th edition. Inside you will find ready to use ideas to help you get started on being the best Spanish teacher. Whether this is your very first teaching position or you have taught before, this Guide is sure to offer you great resources. The resources included are not meant to be the end-all be all, but hopefully some will spark other ideas for you to develop further or simply just edit for your own students. Although these ideas are all geared for level 1/beginning classes, they certainly can be adapted for all levels.

Some items are ready to print and handout to students, or ready to copy onto an overhead. Other items offer ideas and tips for you to build off of. You can edit any activity to personalize it for your own class.

CHAPTER 1: Beginning of the Year
Effective WL Teaching
Silencing the Talking Taco
To Give or Not Give Spanish NamesSpanish 1 Teacher Book
Setting up a Proficiency Based Classroom
Proficiency Based Assessments
Sample Student Survey
Sample Syllabus
Ice Breakers
Book Checkout
Sign out Sheet
The Hand Graphic Organizer
Other graphic Organizers
Post It Cheat Sheets
Ser With Adjectives Flashcard game
Connecting to Students’ Interests
Using Social Media

CHAPTER 2: Bell Work
Bell Ringers and Homework
Bell Ringer Sheet
Bell Ringers
Exit Passes
Homework Not Done

CHAPTER 3: Games, Activities, and Vocabulary Practice
Game Ideas
Communications Practice (Speaking, Listening, Reading, Writing ideas)
Oral Practice for whole class
Vocabulario Points
Communicative Gemelos Activity
Clock Partners
Country Partners
Connections to Real Life
Food Vocabulary Using Pictures
Using Songs in Class
Song Bracket

CHAPTER 4: Projects and Assessments
Project for School Supplies
Project for Commands
Project for Clothing
Pronunciation Assessment Rubric
Project for Reflexive Verbs Unit

Links to great resources for Spanish Teachers

You won’t find a collection of this many classroom tried and tested materials in once place for this price! Publishers will charge you over 2 or 3 times the price of this book. A must have for student teachers and first year teachers.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I plan to purchase this soon! It looks awesome-great job in creating this

  2. tarafarah7 says:

    Gold mine! 🙂 Thanks!

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