Immigration Resources

The following resources can be used during an immigration unit in your Spanish class:

“A las Tres” por Enanitos Verdes: A migrant worker missing his family
Pobre Juan by Maná

30 Days” Illegal Immigration: A border patrolling minute man lives with an undocumented family for 30 Days.
Drop the “I” Word: What is the meaning behind the word illegal?

-This link features some statistics about the number of Hispanics in the US, as well as other foreign-born populations.

The Children of the Drug Wars: A Refugee Crisis, Not an Immigration Crisis.

Undocumented Immigrants aren’t who you think they are. This article dispels many of the perceived thoughts on illegal immigrants. For example, many people assume that almost all undocumented immigrants come from Mexico. In reality, only 52% are Mexican.

Facts about Immigration

The best place for any articles including research and studies can be found from the Hispanic Pew Research Center.

number of immigrants die crossing border

Most hispanics in the US are AmericanThis chart from the Pew Research Center of Statistics on Hispanics shows us that a majority of the Hispanics in the United States are actually born in the US. And of those were not born in the US, roughly 33% of them have become citizens. They are American.(*Link updated with 2014 data)

Have students read novels about Hispanic characters. Some books regarding immigration are Crossing the Wire, Esperanza Rising, and La Linea.

Additional Sources:
Check our this Pinterest board full of immigration resources.

More resources to be added. If you have a link, please leave it in the comments or tweet it to us @spanishplans.

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4 Responses to Immigration Resources

  1. Jeanne says:

    I show Victoria para Chino as part of my immigration studies. It always moves them, especially since beginners see Bajo la Misma Luna. This short film adds a whole new horrible perspective for them to consider.

  2. Jeanne says:

    It’s on youtube.

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  4. A says:

    **undocumented—not “illegal”.

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