Videos y Fotos for LA COMIDA unit

Teaching a unit about La Comida? Here’s some media resources for your Spanish classroom for this Food unit:

Música/VideosMesero Groover/Audio

  • Canción “Chocolate” de Jesse y Joy
  • Canción “Una en un millón” de Jesse y Joy (Cloze lyrics and activity)
  • Youtube “Archibaldo y las hamburguesas” El mesero Groover sirve una hamburguesa chica y otra bien grande.
  • Youtube “Pancho pide agua” Pancho quiere agua pero tiene un mesero con muchas preguntas.
  • Youtube “Comer Galletas” Monstruo Comegalletas canta de galletas en todas las estaciones del año
  • Videos de “La Receta de la Abuelita” – How-to videos on how to make various Mexican dishes, in Spanish. Great input for students! Including how to make tacos de lengua, salsa, churros, mole, and more! Most videos approx. 5 minutes.
  • Video/Audio from native speakers with ordering at a restaurant interviews. Students sure enjoyed José’s enthusiasm! These interviews also include transcript!

Dibujos y Fotos

Taco Bell is Not Mexican Food
Here’s an interesting post on the difference between Taco Bell and a real Mexican Taco Bell with an article on what Mexicans thought when Taco Bell opened up restaurants in Mexico.


I found the following “memes” on the Internet and put together a powerpoint that we used in class as I described the situation.  You can Spanish Memes and Comics about Foodprint out handouts (6 per page) and have students translate them. Assignment idea: After showing this in class, have students create their own ‘memes’. See this post from Tracee Orman for more information.



Difference between Coke and Coca

Difference between ordering a Coke with unlimited refills as a fountain drink or ordering a Coca Cola in a Latin American restaurant where you pay per bottle/can.



Hola, Soy MilkHola, Soy Milk!





cafe por favorUn café – $10
Un café, por favor – $9.50

I guess good manners can save you money!





El Mago de Oz Espanol

El Mago de Oz
“El Rey quiere que pruebes esta sopita”

In the past I’ve copied this onto their test as an extra credit question and ask “¿Quién prueba la sopa?” Some students will write ‘el prisionero’ or ‘el rey’ but some get it and correctly respond with “la mosca”.

Here are some Ziggy en Español comics from GoComics:

Fly in my SoupGato en un restauranteChiste de Estar con comidacafe caliente

Ziggy Tuna Surprisecanal de la comida

The following three comics are from the Argentine series “Macanudo” by Liniers. Click on each one to enlarge.

Macanudo Comic by Linieres

Fast Food

Food Comics

3 page Handout of 17 comics

Que quieres comer

For all these comics on a ready-to-print handout so students can translate (try putting them in groups), you can download this PDF free.

For over 75 images of authentic images, check out our Authentic Food Images of Memes and Comics.

Guacamole or Wakamole?.

Fozzy’s catch phrase Waka Wake is double-take for some guacamole.


.Star Wars Parody Spanish

What’s the difference between “papa” and “papá” and why would my parents get made if I order fries by asking for “papás fritas”? Set your students straight on the importance of accents and articles with this parody of Star Wars featuring Lucas Andacielo y Sr. Cara de Papa.

Condorito Comic – Sign in restaurant “Salimos a Comer. Volvemos en 2 horas”

En un restaurante: ¿Por qué comen mucho fuera de la casa? Porque cocino muy mal dentro de la casa

For  additional pictures (with links to further resources), check out our collaborative board, Spanish Food Unit, on Pinterest.


  • What does a nosey pepper do? Gets jalopeño business.
  • ¿Qué color es el tocino? Gris
  • Había un cocinero tan feo, pero tan feo que hacía llorar a las cebollas.
  • What do you call the most famous cook who was a squirrel? Chef BoyArdilla!

    Available as Postcard

    Available as Postcard

  • Why did the Mushroom eat Wheaties?
    Because it’s the breakfast of Champiñones.
  • What do you call it when two people grab the last taco at the same time?
    A taco war (tug of war)
  • See more jokes for your Spanish class on our chistes page.

Any good resources you use in your class? We’d love you to share your pictures, songs, or videos with us in the comments section!

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2 Responses to Videos y Fotos for LA COMIDA unit

  1. Stephanie says:

    Hola…there are also a few videos by Discovery Kids called “Doki Descubre” on Youtube. “Doki Descubre el desayuno” and “Doki descubre de donde viene las frutas” and “Doki descubre la leche”. Most videos are approximately 1 minute long, but are child appropriate.

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