Using Memes in Spanish

What’s the most important thing in a foreign language class? To give students comprehensible input and show them the language in context. When you can accomplish this and entertain the kids at the same time to keep their interest, you’ve got yourself a win-win situation. During the Food Unit, we decided to google image search some vocabulary words/terms and we found some delicious memes.

Google Image Search is such an easy way to show students differening vocabulary. Want to compare the word “tortilla” in Mexico and in Spain? Google Image Search “Tortilla” and “Tortilla española”. The students can clearly see the difference directly from the pictures. Can same comparisons with “torta” and “torta de chocolate”

Google Image Search

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Anyway, we found some great memes incorporating the phrases “Tengo hambre” and “Estoy lleno”.

tengo hambreestoy llenoWe’ve compiled 9 of our favorites in a powerpoint which we went over with the students in class. You can download this free ppt file by clicking the image below:

A fellow blogger, English teacher Tracee Orman of Hunger Games Lessons, gave us this MemeActivityForStudentsgreat idea of having students create their own memes. This gets students thinking about their vocabulary and applying it to situations. You can have your students use a meme generator such as ImgFlip, MemeCrunchDIY LOL, and this site has memes created in Spanish, but some of the language/themes may not be suitable for student viewing. Others popular generators, which were blocked at my school, were Meme Generator, and Make Me a Meme.

*Please note that some of these sites contain images that are not school appropriate, so please preview before suggesting to students.

An idea might be to save to certain suitable images to a student server and allow the students to select from those images. They can either add text through a simply image ediing software or copy the image into Microsoft Word and create a textbook, changing the layout of the textbox to “in front of text” so they can move it to a designated position over the picture.

Feeling creative? We’d like to encourage you to create your own meme to use in your classroom and share that image with us!  Post a link in the comments section or email to us spanishplans at
Cuando Tienes Sed

Update: We currently offer the following two products with over 50 memes/images each:

 Instragram espanolSpanish Instagram

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4 Responses to Using Memes in Spanish

  1. vps says:

    This post is amazing. I realy like it!

  2. Laura says:

    I had my students create “Hey Girl” teacher memes in Spanish with different Spanish celebrities for my maternity leave sub! Unfortunately, the site disappeared when I left the district 😦

  3. bucathy says:

    Reblogged this on Nama Saya Bu Cathy. and commented:
    What a fantastic idea! I think this would be a great idea and work well with upper primary students.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Just please becareful with the translation. Very frequently spanish doesn’t mean the same in every spanish speaking country. Just like in the US, our things don’t mean the same in England and vice versa. You can actually end up offending people.

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