Resources for EL CUERPO unit

Teaching a unit about los Partes del Cuerpo? Here’s some resources for your Spanish classroom for this Body Parts unit:

Música/Videoscara de quien

Dibujos y Fotos

pidiendo la mano

Capericuta Roja Partes del Cuerpo

Me duele comic Condorito

Condorito memoriaZiggy En Español
Condorito Examen de la vista

For more pictures, check out our collaborative Spanish Health Unit board on Pinterest.


  • Use Señor Cara de Papa. I hand out a body part to each student and then ask “¿Quién tiene una nariz?” Whoever has that body part puts it on the body. At the end we can describe our creation! Read more about this activity.
    Mr Potato Head Spanish
  • Have the students draw their own monsters and present them to the class. Need a project outline with rubric and over 70 follow up questions to ask during student presentations? Check out our project for sale on TeachersPayTeachers.

    Spanish Monster Body Project


  • I also have students draw a monster that is described to them. The first day, I give the descriptions and use bodies that are made up of past vocabulary words like Cuerpo Unitschool supplies and food. So it might have a fork for an arm and a ruler as a leg. The second day students describe an alien/monster to their partner and their partner has to draw it. I have students face their partner (one partner facing the board, their partner across from them with their back to the board) and I project one picture on the board. Once the partner is done describing it, the other partner can look at the picture and see how they compare. I tell my students to describe the big picture, not minor details if they don’t have the language for it.
    To make sure they stay in the target language, I love this idea of giving them a strip of paper with percentages of 10. If I hear them speak English, they lose a letter grade (10%). Most students are motivated to speak in Spanish because they enjoy the activity but some might need an extra motivation not to speak ANY English at all.
    speaking strip


-¿Qué le dice un ojo al otro?NoseChiste
-Tan cerca y no nos vemos

-¿Cómo se escribe <<naríz>> en inglés?
-No sé.

Any good resources you use in your class? We’d love you to share your activities or any other good songs or comics with us in the comments section!

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