Resources for LA CASA unit

Teaching a unit about La Casa? Here’s some resources for your Spanish classroom for this House unit:


Monstruo debajo de la cama

Cuantas casas tiene Springfield

See more images on the Casa Pinterest Board.


  • Tour virtual de “La Casa Azul”, museo Frida Kahlo
  • Museo Frida Kahlo para niños
  • Crear un cuarto con ‘Room Planner’ de Urban Barn.
  • Real Estate websites in Target-Language Countries, such as this site for Costa Rican houses, or apartmentos en España here or here. Check out our ready to print and use webquestLa Casa Webquest.
  • Doll Houses Apps (for Ipads) for stations or class listening activities to put correct furniture in specific rooms. Activity ready to use here.
  • Use whiteboards and have students describe a house to their partner as first partner draws it on whiteboard.


  • Did you hear the new crime show about the missing CHAIRS? It’s called “Cuántas: C.S.I.?”
  • What does the red Sesame Street puppet rest his head on at night?
    An Elmo-hada
  • What statistic tells how many armchairs there are in Mexico?
  • Why could you not see the bed?
    Because its “cama”flouge!
  • What do you say when your father leaves to the city?
    Ciudad (see you, Daad)
  • What did the chair say when leaving?
    Silla! (See ya)
  • See more jokes for your Spanish class on our chistes page.
Our House Project “La Casa de mis sueños”  which has 5 options to choose from, includes the project outline and rubric, is included in our 15 Spanish 1 Projects, which is one of our best selling products.

Any good resources you use in your class? We’d love you to share your activities or any other good songs or comics with us in the comments section!

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