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Below you will find our individual and group lesson plans.

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Speaking/Oral Activities:
Spanish Oral ActivitySpanish Speaking Level 2Levels 1 & 2 PACK Spanish 3 4 SpeakingPrepositions of LocationComida Speaking Activity19 page Speaking Oral Activity Ice Breaker Activities Comida Oral Activity Practice Introductions or Use for Grouping For use with iPad

Spanish Project BundleSpanish 1 Projects Doctor Project Proyecto de la Familia Advice ProjectSpanish Research ProjectProyecto de ComidaFacebook Project SpanishSpanish Cooking ProjectProyecto de Mandatos Spanish Superhero ProjectUn día en la vida de proyecto

Ser with adjectivesCuerpo UnitCuerpo UnitCuerpo Unit Comida Juego BingoEl Preterito canciones Canciones Bell Work SPANISH Bell Ringers Free DownloadVocbaulary Practice Activities Adivina Quien De Compras Unit Authentic Spanish ReadingsSpanish InstagramRutinas Diarias
Mi horario Diario mis rutinas Spanish Pedir Dar Consejo Foreign Language Music Lesson


Corte Ingles WebquestSpain La Liga futbol Webquest La Casa Webquest

Thematic Units:
SpanishVerbUnit  El preterito lesson    Ser Estar Unit Estar Adjectivos Spanish  PronombresLa Ropa Vocab  Packet plus Project, Worksheets, Quizzes, and more Pronombres Sujeto  Prepositions of LocationAnimal UnitVocabulario de ComidaPowerpointComida
Spanish Commands Unit Giving Advice Unit
Pedir y Dar Consejo espanol


Proficiency Based Exams / Assessments:

proficiencybasedassessmentLaCasa La Ropa De Compras Test familia assessment Comida Assessment Waiter Client Dialogue Comics in Spanish Class

Guided Notes Packets:
Preterito AR Preterito ER IR Tener Idioms and Feeling w/EstarVerbos Reflexivos NotesSpanish Commands Notes

Mandatos Informales Mandatos PreteritoMandatos NotesConjugating AR verbs Unit Adjectivos PosesivosPersonasExtraviadas

Powerpoints/Games for Review:
El Preterito Review Ser Estar Review Practice Subject Pronoun Powerpoint Mandatos Powerpoint whiteboard review for emociones
Spanish ComparisonsAdivina Quien

Ser Estar Study Guide Los Verbos Espanol       Proyectos para espanol nivel 1Hispanic Comida Bulletin Board Corazon de Campeon futbol song Spanish Verb Word Wall verbos Spanish Halloween Activity

Spanish Speaking Countries and Culture

Poder de Saber20 Country LabelsSpanish Countries Powerpoint Template

Spanish Speaking Country Passport Stamps ClipartFake Airline Ticket TemplateComida Mexicana Powerpoint

For more postcards and Spanish posters for your classroom, as well as Why so serious? in Spanishother teaching resources, visit our new Spanish Teacher Catalog.


For supplemental materials for the textbook Expresate 1, please view our Expresate resources.

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