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Spanish Speaking Resources/Activities:

Spanish Conversation Cards 1 Level 2 Spanish Conversation Cards Spanish Upper Level Speaking Cards Spanish Speaking Cards Bundle
CC 1  CC 2  CC 3-4 CC 1-4 Bundle
Over 175 conversation cards to get your level one students speaking.

Includes common themes of level 1 curriculum.

Divided into 15topics typically covered in Spanish II curriculum and includes questions in the preterite and the imperfect tenses.

Can be used in Spanish 3, 4, or even AP.
Themes included:
Actividades, Niñez, Consejo, Casa, Familia, Ropa, Medio Ambiente, Tecnología, y más.

This bundle includes all levels. These cards fit your Speaking or Communication Standard for learning Spanish.


Speaking Activities Talking about weekend in Spanish Speaking Assessment Food Communicative Activity
 Speaking Act  Weekend  Spk Assessment  Food Comm. Act.
13 types of speaking activities to get your students talking.  Use on Fridays and Monday to talk about what you did and what you are going to do. A template for students to record their responses after listening to  questions online. Partners describe the menu that patients have ordered while the other student arranges the pictures.


 Tarjetas Personales  Spanish Describe scene activity  Comida Info Gap Activity Spanish House Location ipad lesson
Students get practice asking personal information such as name, age, and more.  Use prepositions of location to describe a scene that a partner will draw. An info gap activity with food vocabulary. Students use an app to describe what the rooms of a house look like while manipulating furniture on the screen.


Spanish Facebook Project Superhero Spanish Project.png Casa de mis sueños project Animales Unit
 Facebook Project: Create a profile or newsfeed about yourself or a famous person or character. Students create their own superhero in Spanish. Includes common vocabulary. Students create the house of their dreams in this Spanish project. Learn animal vocabulary and then create your own animal  and describe it.
Family Album Spanish Project La Familia Body Parts Spanish Presentational Project Day in the Life Reflexive Project Spanish Food Project
Students create a family album by describing their familia. Students label a monster drawing and describe to the class. Students narrate the daily routine of a celebrity. Several options to finish up the Food Unit.
Country Research Project Spanish Doctor Project Carta A abbey Advice Project
Students research a Spanish speaking country and create a presentation. Students create a skit between a doctor and a patient in the health unit. Students write a letter asking for advice. This version includes everything necessary to teach this unit.
Spanish Commands Project Vocabulary Practice Comics in Spanish Class Spanish Projects Bundle
Students create a family album by describing their familia. Different and fun ways to get students to practice their vocabulary words. Use comic strips to have your students write, or to show understanding of a story. 20 Projects for Spanish Class Level 1-2. Huge savings.

Hands-on Activities and Games

 Ser Adjectives Flashcard Game  Direct Object Pronoun Activity  Spanish Introductions Speaking Fortune Teller Template in Spanish
Practice using forms of Ser with the correct adjective ending. Engaging activity to practice direct object pronouns. Students will be up moving around as they ask questions to their peers. So many ways to use this fun fortune teller in the target language!
La Comida Bingo Guess Who Cheat Sheet Spanish Body Parts Memory Magic Square Spanish Verbs Magic Square Template
Play bingo with this ready-to- use set of cards and with clues in Spanish.


Great supplement to keep your students in the TL while playing Guess Who? Students practice body part vocabulary with this game of memory.


A ready to play game of Magic Squares with verbs.


A template to create your own Magic Square game in Spanish.


White Board Activities

Subject Pronouns in Spanish Spanish Comparisons Practice Ser v Estar Powerpoint Whiteboards Powerpoint Direct Object Pronouns Feelings with Tener Estar
Practice subject pronouns on individual whiteboards. Students compare celebrities with Mas Que, Menos Que. Students fill in the blank with correct form of ser or estar. Students practice using direct object pronouns with whiteboards. Practice Feelings with Tener/Estar in this football inspired activity.

Mandatos Powerpoint
Proficiency Based Exams / Assessments:

proficiencybasedassessmentLaCasa La Ropa De Compras Test familia assessment Comida Assessment Waiter Client Dialogue Comics in Spanish Class

Page 2: Thematic Units, Guided Notes, Vocabulary W.S., Bulletin Boards
Page 3: MovieTalk, TPRS Stories, Authentic Readings, Webquests, Música, Memes

Posters and PPostersostcards:
For more postcards and Spanish posters for your classroom, as well as other teaching resources, visit our new Spanish Teacher Catalog.