Chistes for Spanish Class

The Top 20 Jokes for Spanish Class
You can download them all here.

1. Las vacas más perezosas:

Cuales son las vacas mas perezosas? Chiste at SpanishPlans.org2. Practice the word for city with this Spanglish joke.

What do you say when you Dad leaves for the City? Spanglish chiste at SpanishPlans.org3. Old McDonald had a daughter, Hija, Hija, Oh!

Old McDonald joke in Spanish

4. You’ll “see” what we did with this joke!

silla joke

5. Furry Oso
Oso Furioso Chiste from
6. Practice the word sillón with this terrible joke.

Sillon chiste


7. This joke about the sun is so bad, it hurts.

Sol Music chiste

8. This joke is sure to create a brouhaha.

Spanish Language Joke

9. This is a joke any student learning Spanish can enjoy. Or shake their head at.Spanish Captain is Si-sick, chiste from

10. You’ll want to put ketchup in your ears to not hear any more terrible jokes.

Listening to salsa music chiste from

11. This is actually my favorite Spanish joke.

Breakfast of Champinones Chiste from

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Spanish Jokes

Download them all and use them for a Joke of the Week or make a bulletin board.

12. Oh man, only a cat could tell this joke.Broculi Spanish joke from

13. I actually feel really sorry for this pig. At least he isn’t blue.Gris Grease Joke Chiste from

14. What Spanish joke set would be complete without the classic joke about the math book?Spanish Math Joke by

15. I bet you didn’t see this one coming though!Chiste about la cama from

16. Cual es mayor: la luna o el sol? They are both too old for this awful Spanish joke.Luna Joke

17. I’m so positive you’ll hate this joke.Walking Dead Spanish Joke

18. And the two words that you won’t associate with this joke: ja, ja.

Opening Doors in Life Joke in Spanish

19. A joke about a superhero and possessive adjectives; what could be better?Superman chiste

20. I think the dinosaurs went extinct because of how bad these jokes are.

Dinosaurs doing standup in Spanish

21. You can always count on us to tell you a bad joke.
Contar ovejas chiste

22. This joke is a little-fishy.
carry atun
23. Forgot the tortoise and the hare… the real runner-up in this race was a frog.
Rana up chiste

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And here’s a bonus joke:


4 Responses to Chistes for Spanish Class

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  2. Ann McGetrick says:

    Thank you for sharing these!

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  4. A joke for boricuas and those who love boricuas:

    Q: What did the Puerto Rican guy say when he lost his phone?
    A: Where did mofongo?

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