Resources for LA ROPA unit

Teaching a unit about La Ropa? Here’s some resources for your Spanish classroom for this Clothing unit:

Música/VideosTarget Ropa

Dibujos y Fotos
Comic by Macanudo
Macanudo Fellini Enriqueta

Pequeño Mediano Grande

Twitter user @profeslack tweeted “There is no better way to start the day than perusing  looking for pictures to use in clothing unit!”

For more pictures, check out our collaborative Clothing Unit board on Pinterest.


  • El Corte Ingles Webquest: Have your students navigate through the Spanish Spanish Ropa Vocabdepartment store, El Corte Ingles, while discovering the meaning of clothing vocabulary words on their own. Very motivating and engaging lesson. For instructions and a pre-made handout, purchase our webquest on TpT. Can even have students “purchase” an outfit on a pretend budget of Euros.
  • Use an authentic Mexican clothing catalog to have students discover vocabulary through context.
  • Roleplaying Cards: Have your students act out in groups of 3 as the salesclerk, customer, and friend. Use these roleplaying cards and shopping cards as prompts. Spanish Task Cards
  • Use engaging and real pictures of clothes. Don’t use clipart. Grab pictures of Cuanto Cuestasweatshirts of their favorite sports teams, t-shirts of their favorite bands to engage them. Download our free powerpoint of partner oral activities to describe clothing and talk about costs.
  • Use popular teenage magazines and have the students discuss what their favorite celebrities are wearing. No kid wants to talk about a clipart picture of José and María from a textbook. That’s not real life. Borrow a magazine from your school library. You can use post-it page markers to add prices and students can even make comparisons. Or even have student’s explore online version of teen magazines, (which we have linked here) and check out the ‘moda’ section.
    Spanish Fashion Moda Unit
  • You might even find interesting articles such as “Así son según su estilo de camiseta” which describes a guy’s personality based on his choice of t-shirt. Totally authentic resource!


  • Did I ever tell you about the time I went traveling with my friend who only packed 2 weeks worth of clothes? We started in Poland, then went through Germany, Italy, and France. By the time we made it to Spain, he didn’t have any socks left. I said to him “It’s ok, amigo. You’re at the end of Europa“.
  • What did the most famous cotton grower say on his deathbed?algodon in historyAlgodón in History!
  • What movie is about a man who hears a voice telling him to build a skirt store?
    Falda Dreams!
  • What song was about a colorful hat from the Spanish version of Wizard of Oz?
    Sombrero-ver the rainbow!
  • See more jokes for your Spanish class on our chistes page.


  • Rather than a traditional grammar-based test, use a proficiency-based test where La Ropa De Compras Teststudents must produce real language. Have them produce language that they would actually use in a given scenario dealing with clothing. For example, I took the roleplay scenario from above and used that as a basis for their assessment. They had to create the dialogue between those three people. 

Any good resources you use in your class? We’d love you to share your activities or any other good songs or comics with us in the comments section!

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2 Responses to Resources for LA ROPA unit

  1. karacjacobs says:

    I love that Target commercial. I used it for the listening part of a test! Here is a project that I used for my ropa/compras unit It involves them using authentic resources and going shopping online to find an outfit for a special event.

    Also, the Zachary Jones lookbook activities are AWESOME. ( I did one a day for 5 days. Great authentic resource.

  2. Petra says:

    Good way to learn new vocabulary!

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