De Que Me Sirve La Vida

As I mentioned in yesterday’s post about “Tengo Tu Love,” today we listened to Camila’s song “De que me sirve la vida,” a single from their 2010 album “Dejarte de Amar.” It worked as a great activity for students to put the lyrics in order as the song goes at a relatively slow pace that students are able to keep up with. After I made copies of the lyrics, I used the paper-cutter to cut several sheets at a time, but only to the margin so they wouldn’t all mix together. I then took one sheet at a time and made the small cut to gather all the lyrics from only 1 sheet so I could gather them in a paperclip to hand out to the students. Although each student probably would have been able to do this activity on their own, I had them work with partners, so I didn’t need as many sets. You can download my sentence strips here, with teacher copy in proper order and student copy in random order for students to cut out themselves.

At the end of the lyrics, I told that it would repeat again except for the first two strips. That way they could double check their answers or put in any strips they missed. At the end, I projected the lyrics, which almost all students had correct anyway.

We then proceeded to watch the music video, which has a great message. If you haven’t seen it, I suggest watching it now:

After the video, we talked about the message of the video about being accepting of others, and standing up for people. I think this is a great video for teaching tolerance and it also tied in nicely to our recent unit of positive and negative commands.

However, the video flashed those “posters” quite quickly, probably too quickly for a novice learning to be able to read and/or understand. I have taken screen shots of a majority of the posters and compiled them.

The first set of pictures is a majority of the signs; whether is be someone stating a problem, talking about self-worth, talking about how someone else views them or treats them. Also includes the signs from the second set.
The second set of pictures include posters that “da ánima” or enouragement to people. Most are in a command form (mainly informal, affirmative and some negative).

If you want the actual powerpoint, each “sign” on a page, so you can pick and choose the “signs” you want to use, you can download the item for free here.

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7 Responses to De Que Me Sirve La Vida

  1. Lisa Lilley says:

    Really good stuff! Thanks for taking the time to share and especially for making the screen shots.

  2. khellerm says:

    Did this exercises today in grade 8 Spanish. Groups of 3. Started w/the pictures and had group translate 4-5. Then went through the powerpoint and each group said the meaning. Next gave each group the printed sentence sheet and had them cut them out (much easier than doing it myself). Played song 3 times and had them glue the strips on the back of the sheet w/ the posters (saving paper!). Next had groups exchange papers and projected the correct order. We’ll get into more depth tomorrow. But it was exciting to hear the kids sing along just for fun.

    • spanishplans says:

      Awesome! Thanks for sharing!
      My students really liked the song as well.

      You can me an idea… I’m going to update the PDF of the song lyrics to include an already shuffled version, that you can have the students cut out themselves, without it already being in order!

  3. kplacido says:

    Justin, I love this activity and the fantastic message it sends! We had a woman commit suicide the night before last in our small town. She jumped from a freeway overpass. Many people are condemning her and calling her selfish because she involved strangers in her suicide in this way. Just another example of how empathy is so lacking in our communities nowadays. Thank you so much for helping us bring this message of acceptance, empathy and LOVE into our teaching!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Muchas gracias por compartir!!!

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