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12.8 MB of over 40 files for your Spanish class to help your students conjugate verbs in level one.
Includes multiple files for:
-Teaching Subject Pronouns
-Conjugating AR Verbs
-Conjugating Stem Change Verbs
-Tener and Estar Expressions
-Conjugating Preterite Tense
-Verb Word Wall

Save yourself the time and trouble of creating all these files. These files are ready to print and copy for your classes! All files have been classroom tested.
Includes files listed below…

Subject Pronoun Unit:
1. Teaching Subject Pronouns with Pictures
2. Teaching Subject Pronouns (5 pages: Notes, Self-directed practice, practice, song, quiz)
3. Subject Pronouns Practice on Powerpoint

Conjugation –AR Verbs
1. 3 different AR Verb worksheets
2.  AR Verb Quiz: 1-10 they have to correctly conjugate the verb. 11-15 they have to choose the correct verb and then conjugate

Conjugation Stem Change Verbs
4 page notes packet and 2 worksheets, 1 Quiz
o to ue (dormir, almorzar, volver, poder, jugar)
e to e (empezar, querer, preferir, entender, merendar)

Tener & Estar Guided Notes Packet
This 7 page packet explains different ‘feelings’ that use tener expressions or adjectives that use estar as well as using the verb sentirse. Features several pages of statement in Spanish where students must choose the correct feeling.

Preterite Pack
-AR Past Tense Notes Packet (4 pages + answers)
-ER/IR Past Tense Notes Packet (6 pages + answers)
-Worksheets and Powerpoint of Bell Ringers or Class Activities
-Past Tense songs (4 songs using el preterito)
-Worksheet on IR in past tense
-2 Quizzes and Timeline project

Verb Word Wall
64 verbs in large red font, with smaller English definition in black. Makes a great word wall for your classroom. Simply cut them out and post them up.
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