Mafalda y Condorito

In addition to being funny, the comics Condorito, Mafalda, and Macanudo can offer a great insight into the Hispanic culture and language. Mafalda, drawn by Quino (Jauquín Salvador Lavado) is a national symbol in Argentina. Condorito, the pride of Chilean comics, is brought to us by the mind of Pepo (René Ríos).

But today, we’d like to take a look at another Argentine comic. On a recent trip to South America we happened to pick up a collection of Macanudo comics at a local bookstore and not long after reading, we were already craving more and purchased several books online.

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Macanudo is one of the more creative and original series we have seen in a long time. It combines ingenious wit and thoughtful insight to come up with delightful and hilarious strips. Macanudo is a creation of Liniers (Ricardo Siri).

Liniers, who draws himself as a rabbit (see picture, right), has created characters such as los Pengüinos, El misterioso hombre de negro, Enriqueta y su gato Fellini y su oso de peluche Madariaga, y el chico Martín y su imaginación Olga, and Z-25 el robot sensible, among many others.

For how to use these in your Spanish class and some sample strips…

Utilizing comics in your teaching is a great way to connect to your students and a good motivation to promote fluency. Students enjoy trying to understand comics and figure out the joke. You can incorporate them by:

  • displaying as the students enter the room to start class
  • copying on the back of tests, for students to explain as extra credit
  • posting on the class website or sites such as Edmodo for students to comment on
  • showing along with specific vocabulary or grammar used in the comic that goes along with your lesson
  • creating a “chiste bulletin board
  • Take out the words and have students rewrite the dialogue
  • Take out the last column and have students create an ending for the strip
  • Have students create their own comics by using simple websites
  • Incorporate comics they students might be familiar with, but translated. Garfield, Ziggy, Calvin and Hobbes, and others are available at

Use during familia unit

¿Quién es grande o chiquito?

You can see more of Macanudo at the following sites: – daily comic – blog of Liniers, with tiras

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What are your favorite comics from the Target Culture you teach? How do you incorporate them into your teaching?

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