Proficiency Based Exam

After finishing our recent unit and taking the proficiency-based assessment, I gave the students a short google survey to gather some feedback. I think it is important to give students a voice in their learning and let them know you consider what they have to say.

88% of students responded that they felt their grade on the assessment matched their ability to use the language to meet the unit objectives. What students liked about the assessment:

  • I liked that we got to use as much information we knew to try and get the best grade
  • I liked that I was able to use any vocab I wanted to on the test and that there could be a variety of different answers.
  • I liked how the test gave you the opportunity to show what you know and not be limited to what was required. I could show what I knew and have my grade reflect that.
  • I liked the freedom we had to write what we wanted.
  • It actually measured knowledge.
  • How we got to fill out the speech with our own ideas, and not just translating like we did last year.
  • We got to talk about what we wanted too and it was not specific on every single word we have so say.
  • I was able to learn and use what i knew on the test. I could show you that I knew it.
  • That there was more than one answer that could be right.
  • You could write whatever you wanted to write. It didn’t tell you exactly what to write it just gave you guidelines.

Some students were comforted by having guidelines and others students wanted more freedom. Things that students “didn’t like about the assessment”.

  • You told us what to put in each box instead of us picking what we wanted in the boxes
  • That we didn’t get to choose what we got to write in the boxes
  • It also made the assessment more challenging because we had to pull ideas out of our brain randomly.

La Ropa De Compras Test

For additional proficiency based exams, check out our catalog’s proficiency section.

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3 Responses to Proficiency Based Exam

  1. kschario says:

    Lovely assessment. Thanks so much for having this blog and sharing your ideas. An idea for the negative comments students had about the boxes: have your ideas as suggestions only. Some students need prompts, others don’t.

  2. Liz James says:

    I’m new to proficiency based assessments. Where can I go to find information about how to write these?

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