Partes del Cuerpo actividad

Teaching Body Parts in Spanish Class:

It’s getting that time of the year: Garage Sales. As a teacher, garage sales are a great opportunity to find cheap items that you can incorporate into your classroom. Today’s idea features the classic toy Mr. Potato Head. I found 2 Mr. Potato Heads in a plastic bag for 50 cents each. Go to a retail store and you’ll pay between $8 and $30. So how can we incorporate this childhood toy into our Spanish class?

A day or two after introducing body part vocabulary, as students enter the room, I hand them a Mr. Potato body piece. I then take out the “body” of the potato and place it on a desk in the front of the room. I then proceed to ask questions, such as “¿Quién tiene los ojos?” or “Quién tiene una oreja?” As students raise their hand, I direct them to put it on the potato. “Pon el brazo en la papa” or “Ponlo en la papa” using commands and direct object pronouns.

As you can see, I let the students put it wherever they want. We then vote on their favorite or “el más guapo”.

For more pictures and other Lessons for los Partes del Cuerpo…

Additional Body Parts Lessons:

Spanish Body Parts Drawing for Listening
Monster “Bodies” made out of various vocabulary words used as the body part.
Teacher or classmates describe the drawing to students, who draw what they hear. If you have individual whiteboards, you can have the students draw on those, or just use scratch paper.  Great practice for body part vocabulary, but also reviews previous knowledge with level 1 vocabulary words. An engaging activity for students.

Spanish Body Parts Project and Presentation
This project features 1 page assignment sheet for students with rubric for easy grading. Students must label a drawing and then present their project to the class and also 2 pages of over 70 follow-up questions to ask student as part of their presentation.
This Spanish lesson is stress free and ready to use right now! Why waste time creating your own. This is classroom tested and ready to go! Just print page 1, make copies, and get your students to work. Even if you don’t have the students present, the first part of the project would even make a good activity for sub plans.

Body Parts Spanish Memory Game
Play a game of Memory or have students cut out flashcards for parts of the body in Spanish vocabulary. Includes 2 sheets  of 16 words and 16 pictures where students must match the picture to the Spanish word.
This lesson is ready to use! Make a copy, have students play a quick game for review. Stress free- Have students cut their own game pieces.

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2 Responses to Partes del Cuerpo actividad

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  2. Elaine says:

    I love this idea too! Can’t wait to use it with my kids!

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