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August News

We are excited to be honored this week as the “Featured Teacher Author” in TeacherPayTeacher’s weekly newsletter which goes out to thousands of teachers. To see the newsletter (along with its 10 free teaching downloads) click here. We are also … Continue reading

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Using Magnets to teach Location

This activity feels like a game because students are engaged and they get to play with magnets. Little do they know, they are also following instructions in Spanish, and responding to verbal or written cues to accomplish a task. Using … Continue reading

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Online Flashcards

My favorite web2.0 tool for the foreign language classroom has to be WordChamp.com I started using this site several years ago, a little at first, but now have really started to integrate it into my classroom. The site is free … Continue reading

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Teacher’s Back to School Event

By now you’ve checked out our summer savings post, our 10 Spanish Freebies post, and as school gets ever closer, you’re now starting to think about the upcoming school year. Well, fear not. We are here to offer you good … Continue reading

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Summer Savings

The end of summer is becoming more and more of a reality. As the summer winds down, it’s time for teachers to start thinking about getting ready for the new school year. Getting your classroom ready and buying supplies can … Continue reading

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Making Comics and Cartoons

It’s project time. Looking for something new and unique and something that will interest students? How about having your students create their own comic strip or comic book to showcase their knowledge in the unit. Want students to summarize a … Continue reading

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Free Online Flashcards for vocab learning

One of my favorite websites is WORDCHAMP.com where users can practice vocabulary and language learning using digital flashcards. I have been using this website for the last four years in my classes and have found it to be an excellent … Continue reading

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Spanish Sub Plans

It happens all the time. A sick child. A family emergency. The stomach flu. A 102 fever. A car accident. Things come up at the last minute either before school or during the school day. We may need to rush … Continue reading

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Spanish 1 Book of Resources, Worksheets and more

This book is a must have for any Spanish teacher. If you have a friend or family member who is a Spanish teacher or studying to be one, this would be an awesome gift for the holidays! Inside you will … Continue reading

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