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At the end of the year, I go around as students are cleaning out their lockers and am able to collect a lot of packs of notecards. These come in quite handy throughout the school various for various activities. Sometimes, … Continue reading

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iPad Apps for Practicing Vocabulary

Pic Collage Pic Collage is a free app where students can create a virtual corkboard. This works as a great tool to present vocabulary. Students can import images from their camera roll, or the site has an imbedded internet search … Continue reading

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Resources for LA ROPA unit

Teaching a unit about La Ropa? Here’s some resources for your Spanish classroom for this Clothing unit: Música/Videos Canción “Billy La Bufanda” by Señor Wooly Youtube Target Commercial Youtube K-Mart Commercial Youtube Commercial “¿Me Lo compras?“ Youtube Video Shopping Youtube … Continue reading

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Connecting vocabulary to our students

I realized something important this week while going over our unit’s vocabulary. The  vocabulary is “household chores” going along with the House Unit. After the initial vocab introduction, we started talking about what chores my students do. I quickly realized … Continue reading

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I start my 8th grade class off with a lesson about Animals in Spanish. Animals is one of the topics that students really enjoy but you don’t see it included in many textbooks or early levels, so it is something … Continue reading

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Palabras de tecnologia para usar en clase

Since I will be utilizing iPads in the classroom this year and engaging the students on the educational social media tool edmodo, among other web tools, I thought I better brush up on some technology vocabulary. I plan to do … Continue reading

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Letras B y V

Because the letters “b” and “v” have the same pronunciation in Spanish, they can sometimes be a bit confusing. Calling the letters “be” and “ve” sounds exactly the same, so many times you will hear other names for these letters. … Continue reading

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Has this ever happened to you?

Spanish teachers, has this ever happened to you? A student asks you how to translate some really obscure word into Spanish? Then this is the comic for you: How do you normally respond to these questions?

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Lenguaje de text

Se llama “SMS” y son mensajes cortos. Se usan especialmente en los mensajes de text o email. Aquí una lista de las más usadas y comunes “Text Speak” en Español: x = por k = que xq= porque / Por … Continue reading

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Use descriptions of missing people

As your students learn about physical descriptions, there is a very easy way to incorporate authentic language sources that even a level one student could interpret. Using the notion of a “missing person ad” they students have a clear context … Continue reading

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