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My favorite web2.0 tool for the foreign language classroom has to be I started using this site several years ago, a little at first, but now have really started to integrate it into my classroom.

The site is free for public schools, and teachers can create “classes” so when their students log in, they have access to the teacher’s pre-made flashcards and can start on “homework” set up by the teacher. Teachers can create a magnitude of activities, depending on the type of flashcards.

Just some of the options of activities you can select

The best part is, you can attach audio and a picture to every word, so students can hear a native speaker pronunciation and associate the word with a picture.

"Picture" flashcard. Type in the word.

In the above activity, students type in their answer (bañarse) and submit and it will give them the correct answer if they are wrong.  If your list has verbs you can have your students practice the conjugations (you can set which forms and which tense), much like other sites that only offer these services such as Why limit yourself? Open yourself up to loads of potential with wordchamp.

I have created thousands of vocabulary words into flashcards…

My Folders of Vocabulary

When you “assign” an activity, you can even see a detailed student report summary.

Student Report

I used to just use this website during class time by taking my students to the computer lab. Now, I assign certain activities as required homework and also post other activities as suggested practice. I give students several days to complete the homework, helpful since 100% of my students have computer and internet access at home, although they also have time to use the computers in school. I also will use it if there are a few minutes at the end of class to review new vocabulary. I project the picture to the class, and they (sometimes I call on every student or sometimes we do it as a whole class) say the word.

For other web2.0 tools for the classroom, check out our “Tech Tools” sqworl.

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