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At the end of the year, I go around as students are cleaning out their lockers and am able to collect a lot of packs of notecards. These come in quite handy throughout the school various for various activities. Sometimes, … Continue reading

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Ser and Adjectives Activity

Featured Product Ser With Adjectives Flashcards Get your students practicing descriptions with this manipulative activity where students put together the correct flashcards to make the phrase. Copy the flashcards on three different colors of paper, 1 each for Subject Pronouns, … Continue reading

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Graphic Organizers

The following graphic organizers are a great way to help students understand the subject pronouns and verb conjugation. The Hand Graphic Organizer 1. Have students trace their right hand (or their left hand palm up). The idea is make sure … Continue reading

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Online Flashcards

My favorite web2.0 tool for the foreign language classroom has to be I started using this site several years ago, a little at first, but now have really started to integrate it into my classroom. The site is free … Continue reading

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Ser and Adjectives flashcard game

Want a more engaging way to teach adjective agreement. This flashcard game makes it fun and easy, especially for those visual students. Students will match the correct subject pronoun, the correct form of the verb ser, and the correct … Continue reading

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Free Online Flashcards for vocab learning

One of my favorite websites is where users can practice vocabulary and language learning using digital flashcards. I have been using this website for the last four years in my classes and have found it to be an excellent … Continue reading

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