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English Pop Music in Spanish

What’s better than taking songs that your students already know and enjoy in English and listening to the Spanish version? Your students will be fascinated listening to the Spanish version of Taylor Swift’s Shake it Off or other current popular … Continue reading

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Put in order

A good activity for students to practice new vocabulary or to check for understanding after reading is to have them arrange sentences in order. If you cut out sentence strips, this tactile activity is great for students to practice reading … Continue reading

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Revista Tú

I love buying magazines when I am in Latin America and seeing what I can use in the classroom. I have acquired a few issues of the Mexican teen magazine “Tú” and have found many of my students eager to … Continue reading

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Univision App

Univision has several apps available for the iPad including “Univision”, “Noticias” and “Deportes”. I used the regular “Univision” app today and let my students explore different articles that would be of interest to them. I had first year students engaged … Continue reading

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Connecting vocabulary to our students

I realized something important this week while going over our unit’s vocabulary. The vocabulary is “household chores”, part of the “House Unit”. After the initial vocab introduction, we started talking about what chores students do. I quickly realized that most … Continue reading

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Using Magnets to teach Location

This activity feels like a game because students are engaged and they get to play with magnets. Little do they know, they are also following instructions in Spanish, and responding to verbal or written cues to accomplish a task. Using … Continue reading

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Ser and Adjectives flashcard game

Want a more engaging way to teach adjective agreement. This flashcard game makes it fun and easy, especially for those visual students. http://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Product/Ser-Adjectives-Flashcards Students will match the correct subject pronoun, the correct form of the verb ser, and the correct … Continue reading

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