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Me llamo Victor Graphic Novel

As you may know, the latest graphic novel from Señor Wooly is titled “Me llamo Víctor Parte 1” and is almost available. Hopefully you have pre-ordered it, as it is expected to ship in the coming weeks. When I found … Continue reading

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En el restaurante comic strips

We’ve taken the language out of a few authentic comic strips and used them as a writing assessment for students for students to write the dialogue of ordering at a restaurant. Take this Condorito comic: and then have students write … Continue reading

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Macanudo Comics

We’ve written numerous times about using comic strips in your foreign language class. It is such a great authentic resource for students to read in context and the text is short enough that you can use it at even beginning … Continue reading

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In addition to being funny, the comics Condorito, Mafalda, and Macanudo can offer a great insight into the Hispanic culture and language. Mafalda, drawn by Quino (Jauquín Salvador Lavado) is a national symbol in Argentina. Condorito, the pride of Chilean … Continue reading

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Ser and Estar

One of my favorite grammar points to teach is the difference between the verbs SER y ESTAR. While both verbs mean “to be” in English, in Spanish they couldn’t be more different. I know many teachers use an acronym to … Continue reading

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After introducing the verb saber, I post the following comic on the board as students enter the room. After they have read about “sabelotodo“, “know-it-all”, I ask them to create their own comic with the verb saber. Students use this … Continue reading

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August News

We are excited to be honored this week as the “Featured Teacher Author” in TeacherPayTeacher’s weekly newsletter which goes out to thousands of teachers. To see the newsletter (along with its 10 free teaching downloads) click here. We are also … Continue reading

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Tiras Comicas en español

We’ve talked before about having students create their own comic strips and useful websites to make them, but today we are talking about actual comics that you can use in your classroom. I love finding comic strips that deal with … Continue reading

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We talked about creating comics and cartoons about a month ago, and we are back with some more ideas and new sites. Did you know that creating comics is one way to differentiate in your classroom? Differentiated instruction can be … Continue reading

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Making Comics and Cartoons

It’s project time. Looking for something new and unique and something that will interest students? How about having your students create their own comic strip or comic book to showcase their knowledge in the unit. Want students to summarize a … Continue reading

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