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First Days All in TL

We just finished up our first week of school and I wanted to get this blog post posted while I still have the energy to type. For those of you who haven’t started school yet (or those who will read … Continue reading

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Back to School 2019

Summer is coming to an end. A summer that we’ve been busy: planning a wedding, taking online courses, creating new lessons, working on our website, going on vacation, watching the Women’s World Cup ,and more all while being abroad in … Continue reading

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Spanish from Day 1

The first day of Spanish class. You want to be welcoming, you want the students to feel comfortable. You also want to set the expectation that this class is different. You want to maintain 90% of the class in the … Continue reading

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Getting the year started

If you’ve just been hired or are starting your first year as a Spanish teacher, you are probably a) super excited and b) quite nervous. Hopefully we can help calm those nerves and make your year start out smooth. Here are … Continue reading

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Classroom Scavanger Hunt

Here’s a quick tip to do doing the first week of school: Create a classroom scavenger hunt. I wrote up a half sheet of questions for things for students to look for around the classroom. I included asking where the … Continue reading

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Authentic Resources sobre La Escuela

These authentic resources are perfect for a school unit in your Spanish class or to use at the beginning of the school year. Check out our experience from working in a Colombian School to compare the US school system with that … Continue reading

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Authentic Resources of High Interest Topics

One of our goals this year will be to engage students via their own personal interests. At the beginning of the year we will give students a survey to gauge their interests in a variety of topics including sports, tv, … Continue reading

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Starting the school year

Welcome back, teachers! The 2013-2014 school year is upon us. Many teachers have already headed back to work, some are getting their classrooms ready, and some still have precious few days left. To help with the transition we’re posting some … Continue reading

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Back to School Contest

To give you something to look forward to as you head back to the classroom, we are pleased to announce a Back to School Contest. One lucky winner will walk away with a notebook, pen, and one of our most … Continue reading

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Poster Sale

For those teachers who are just starting their first job and are trying to figure out how to decorate their empty classroom or veteran teachers looking for fun, new ways to connect with their students, we have an exciting deal … Continue reading

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