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In the past, we’ve used our Passport Template to include stamp-able pages in the passport. There are many applications for using this: marking off I-Can-Statements, marking off completion of certain tasks or units of study. Personally, in my classroom, I … Continue reading

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Reading Passport

In 15 days, Hispanic Heritage Month kicks off in the United States. For those of you who have followed this blog, you know that I love to teach my students about the importance of perspective. I’ve also used the theme … Continue reading

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Appropriation in Education

I’m glad to see many people responding to our #MasQueSombreros /#MoreThanSombreros challenge and enjoy the new hashtag #ReclaimCinco (on Instagram and Twitter) As educators, we must demand the end of the appropriation of the Mexican culture. This is never more prominent … Continue reading

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Perspective through literature

While travel is the best way to broaden your perspective, that may be a bit difficult for our students. We talk about the image below of a man standing on top of a stack of books and being able to … Continue reading

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Spanish Instagram

If you’ve haven’t read how to use Instagram in your class, first read this post. Once you’ve set up a class account, we recommend the following accounts below. Once you are following, you can project your feed on the board … Continue reading

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Hispanic Novels

First, let me say that the librarian at my school rocks! A few years ago, I approached her about getting my students to read some novels to learn more about the Hispanic culture. She compiled over 60 titles from our … Continue reading

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Travel Theme

After coming back from a year of absence traveling South America, I want to bring my experience of travel to the classroom. So this year, one of our major themes throughout the year will be travel and the richness of … Continue reading

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You learn a lot about a culture by living there for a few months. Here are some items that I can now appreciate thanks to my experience in this great country. 1. The language itself is very formal. Usted is … Continue reading

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Colombian School

I’ve been volunteering at a Colombian school since August and over the months I’ve compiled several notes on the differences between my school in Chicago and the school here in Colombia. The following are a few of my observations. It … Continue reading

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Lo curioso de cultura

Besides teaching how to communicate in a language, world language teachers also teach about culture and share our experiences from living in or visiting other countries. These stories also seem to fascinate the students. Students get to see how things … Continue reading

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