Revista Tú

I love buying magazines when I am in Latin America and seeing what I can use in the classroom. I have acquired a few issues of the Mexican teen magazine “Tú” and have found many of my students eager to look through the copies.

Good news. You can order a digital subscription. Give your students access to the latest in Pop Culture… en español!

tu noviembreBuenas noticias! ¡Ahora la revista Tú México en versión digital! Ya puedes tenerla en tu compu, iPad o iPod… Deja que tu mejor amiga te acompañe cada 15 días con lo mejor de moda y espectáculos, belleza, ligues, osos y divertidos test, pero ¡ahora en su versión más tecno! Suscríbete ya.

Disponible en: PC/MAC , Win8, Rim, Android, iPad

12 números por  $16.00 US

or $1.50 cada edición

When you click to check out, you will need to set up an account with Zinio and from there you can send payment through paypal.

Issue of Tú: $1.50Students engaged with authentic language: priceless!

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2 Responses to Revista Tú

  1. Petra says:

    It looks like a proper teen magazine but guess it can be useful for learning purposes.

  2. Hello, If you like Spanish magazines, you should give ours a read! They might be useful in your classes. We recently did a post on our blog with an article from the magazine about Hunger Games: Catching Fire and a downloadable lesson plan. See what you think.

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