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Pre Amnesia Story

During Wooly Week 2017 Sr. Wooly released one of my now-favorite videos, Amnesia. In the video, a man mysteriously wakes up in the middle of the street and can’t remember who he is. The song is a great set of … Continue reading

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Tellagami App

This app allows you to create an animated avatar that speaks. You can customize the look of an avatar and create a background, and then you can use text-to-speech (for English text) or have students record their voice (great for … Continue reading

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Put in order

A good activity for students to practice new vocabulary or to check for understanding after reading is to have them arrange sentences in order. If you cut out sentence strips, this tactile activity is great for students to practice reading … Continue reading

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Resources for LA RUTINA DIARIA

Teaching a unit about la Rutina Diaria? Here’s some resources for your Spanish classroom for this Reflexive Verb unit: Música/Videos Sr. Mara sings Reflex your Verby Youtube Mr. Bean Getting Ready * Youtube videos of Los Solecitos (30 second PSA … Continue reading

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Los Verbos Reflexivos

When I was a student learning reflexives for the first time, I thought to myself, “Why do these verbs have a ‘se’ at the end? How am I supposed to conjugate these?” A topic I struggled with as a student, … Continue reading

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