At the end of the year, I go around as students are cleaning out their lockers and am able to collect a lot of packs of notecards. These come in quite handy throughout the school various for various activities. Sometimes, I will use them for a quick quiz. This week, I came up with an idea after a new vocabulary lesson.

I had the students write 3 questions using their new vocabulary. Students always need practice asking questions, and this allowed them to apply their new vocabulary words. As some students worked and others finished, I was able to help correct some students’ questions.

Notescards in FL

Then have all students stand up. You can ask a question to the class and have students raise their hands to answer. As each student answers a question correctly, they may sit down. This way you can be sure that every student answers a question.

Or you can direct the questions to students. Or you can have the class form two big circles, one inner and one outer and have students face each other. Have them ask each other the questions. They, rotate one of the circles until they talk to all their classmates in the other circle.

You could also collect the questions as an “exit” slip and see how well students can apply their new vocabulary.

What other strategies do you use with notecards besides having students use them as flashcards? Share below.

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