SLO and Vocabulary

SLO 2: Vocabulary Growth

See our preview post about using Timed Writing to track student growth as part of our our teacher evaluation. (Referred to as SLO or SGO in some states).

Our second SLO (Student Learning Objective) was to show student growth in vocabulary. We put together a list of 180 words, mostly from the Top 300 Common Words in Spanish. The words were not a list of textbook vocabulary words, but rather common words that are part of every day language. Some of these words were non-targeted, meaning they were not explicitly taught, and others were some of the targeted vocabulary from class stories.

We administered this test 3 times: once at the beginning of the year, once in the middle,

and again at the end of the year. We

Top 160 Words Sheet

used a Google Form/Quiz to automatically grade the students’ responses. This, of course, would mark anything spelled incorrectly as wrong. I personally did not give students the options to view the correct answers and I never gave them the list of words, because I didn’t want them trying to study those words. I wanted to see how many of these words they had acquired. I also go to the computer lab for this activity, since many of the words are posted around my classroom.



Google Forms Quiz of Top 180 Words

With our SLO product, you will have access to these printable sheets (180 words) as well as access to the Google Forms. You will be prompted to make a copy of the Google Form Quiz and will then have ownership rights with allow you to be able to edit, as well as send the google form to your students. Once students complete the self-grading quiz, open up the spreadsheet of results and then you will be able to input that information in to our Google Tracking (or out Excel Spreadsheet).


The best part of this product is the Google Tracking Sheet. We’ve taken Google’s Gradebook and removed the grading part for that it simply tracks the raw data and then auto-generates it to a Individual Student Report with the students’ individual scores and class average.


Insert the data on the main page. Then use the tab at the bottom to go to the individual reports. From there, you can use the drop-down menu to select any student.






From there you can print out the student report. This is a great communication tool to give to parents at conferences or send home. It allows so see what progress their child is making, and also how they compare to the rest of their classmates.

We have included 2 Google Gradebook Sheets for you to choose one. One includes a space for tracking vocabulary growth in addition to the timed writing while just has the timed writing.

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5 Responses to SLO and Vocabulary

  1. A Smith says:

    How do I get the list of the 180 words for Spanish. I would love to use this beginning in September.

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  3. tarafarah7 says:

    I keep finding myself coming back to your SLO product…I really think you have something here that could make huge, positive changes in the classroom (for both teacher and student). Excellent work! 🙂

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