Palabras de tecnologia para usar en clase

Since I will be utilizing iPads in the classroom this year and engaging the students on the educational social media tool edmodo, among other web tools, I thought I better brush up on some technology vocabulary. I plan to do the instruction of using these tools in the target language, but I realized that  there are some words that even I didn’t know in Spanish, so I compiled a list of what my students will need to know. I thought you’d all enjoy if I shared this list as well:

la pantalla – screen
la compu / la computadora- the computer
el ratón – mouse

correo electrónico – e-mail (although the term “e-mail” is quite common in Spanish)

nombre de usuario – username
cuenta – account
contraseña – password

@ arroba
.  punto
/ diagonal

hacer clic (haz clic / haga clic) – to click
presionar – to press
oprimir – to press
mandar/enviar – to send (Mandar por e-mail – to e-mail)
ingresar – to sign in/go in

icono – icon
botón – button
foto, dibujo – picture
ventana – window (of an application)
pestaña – tab (page of internet)
flecha – arrow

teclados – keys (of keyboard)

La tecla enter – enter
escape- escape
tabulación –
bloque de mayúsculas – caps lock
mayúscula – shift
control – control
función – function (fn)
borrar – backspace
diagonal ascendente – forward slash
diagonal descendente – back slash
bajar – page down
subir – page up
fin – end
insertar – insert
borrar – delete
bloque de números – numbers lock

For specific Facebook vocabulary, you can purchase our Facebook Profile project here, which includes a profile template for students to make their own profile of themselves or a famous latino.

Sample from our Facebook Project

Any key terms we are missing? Other variations of these terms that you have heard or use? Add them to the comments section below.

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11 Responses to Palabras de tecnologia para usar en clase

  1. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for sharing! I too will be using an iPad in the classroom this year. Do you mind sharing how you will be using it? What apps, activities, etc.? Thanks much!

  2. Mariana says:

    dira que es la primera ocasion que he entrado este sitio y quiero comentar que me resulta interesante y seguramente me tendras con frecuencia por aqui.


  3. Shannon DuMont says:

    que es el underscore en espanol?

  4. Anonymous says:

    What about upload and download?

  5. Caro says:

    Not quite satisfied with “deslizar” for the act of closing apps. When we tell them to “swipe” their apps, would it be clear enough to just say “quiten las aplicaciones”?

  6. Sra. Bengtson says:

    el computador = la compu
    borrar = eliminar

  7. Vannna says:

    How about commands teachers say to students such as: take out your iPad, open your iPad, put your iPad away. etc….. Also, how do you pronounce iPad in Spanish? Is it the same way? I’ve heard people pronounce the “i” like the Spanish “i” rather than the English “i”. Gracias por la ayuda!

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