Tiras Comicas en español

We’ve talked before about having students create their own comic strips and useful websites to make them, but today we are talking about actual comics that you can use in your classroom.

I love finding comic strips that deal with the current vocabulary theme or grammar concept we are currently working on. I’ve collected numerous comics over the years, as I receive a comic in my inbox daily from gocomics.com. Did you know they had comics in Spanish? My favorite is the authentic Condorito, but I do enjoy a good Ziggy too. Here are some examples that you can introduce to your class; it’s a good way to build a connection with your students, too.

Condorito comic

During Health Unit

For more comics and ways to use them in your classroom…

Ziggy Spanish comic

During Formal Commands Unit

Ziggy en espanol

During Food Unit

Condorito tira comica

Grammar of Tener

You may want to introduce a weekly comic and project it on the board. You may want to copy them onto worksheets, or put them on the back of quizzes or test. Or you may choose to hang them up no a bulletin board in your classroom.

*For more chistes, check out our Spanglish jokes that students love.
*Check out our very own postcards featuring some of our favorite jokes.

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2 Responses to Tiras Comicas en español

  1. I love how you can create your own comics!! Condorito is one of the best characters in the Spanish speaking world!!

  2. Robert Leabo says:

    Condorito! I’d love to thank my Spanish professor, Dr. Anderson, for introducing me to him. I will definitely use him in my classroom.

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