Macanudo Comics

We’ve written numerous times about using comic strips in your foreign language class. It is such a great authentic resource for students to read in context and the text is short enough that you can use it at even beginning levels. Our favorite authentic comic strip, is Macanudo by Liniers, an Argentina strip that is extremely original and creative. Read our previous post about Macanudo and how to use comics in your class.
If you are looking for comics for specific topics, check out our resource page.

Today we bring you 14 examples of this talent.
Talking about frequency with A veces and Siempre with verbs:a veces y siempreTecnología: Lo Malo de la tecnologia; cuando la pierdasGiving Advice Unit:El que da consejo despues del eventoTeaching “dejar de”
dejar de hacer algoClothing Unit: Vocabulary “estar de moda” and individualidad:Está a la modaindividualidadHealth Unit: Sick Vocabulary and Body Parts Vocabularyestoy enfermapartes del cuerpo boca narizAnimal unit:
gato girafaSports Unit: Why does this comic remind me of Brasil’s Neymarhombre mas exageradoIdentity: Quien Soy?quien soyHumans Ruin Everything:pocas personas

Vacation/Jobs: Why does this reminds me of teachers?se acaban las vacacionesNew teachers? New students? At a new school?
es nuevo
If you enjoyed these comics, there are so many more that you could incorporate into your class. Check out the following on Amazong (note: affiliate links):
Macanudo Volume 1
Macanudo Volume 2
Macanudo Volume 3
Macanudo Volume 4
Macanudo Volume 5
Macanudo Volume 8
Macanudo Volume 11

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  1. E says:

    I really like this comic strip. Careful because I think most of those links are for the English translations of his collections. Might be able to find the Spanish ones on Ebay/Thriftbooks/etc

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