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Distance Learning Memes

It wouldn’t be a back to the school year without us posting our favorite memes. We started making memes years ago and even launched our own website for teacher memes (since discontinued). This summer we’ve been working on Distance Learning … Continue reading

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Me Gusta vs. Me Cae bien

Obviously me gusta is an important phrase in Spanish 1 classes, but sometimes we tend to over simplify things and forget that another word also means “to like”: caerse bien. When we like things and activities, Me gusta is the … Continue reading

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Authentic Instagrams

We are always looking for authentic resources to use in our lessons. Right now, instagram is the social media of choice for students. We found an instagram full of authentic quotes that pertain to students, especially regarding school. What a … Continue reading

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Teaching Commands through Context

I used to give students a handout of a graphic organizer for making the positive and negative tú commands. I would first go over the rules for making the command form and go over the irregulars with them. Then I … Continue reading

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Snow Day

A lot of students think teachers hate snow days. If only they knew the real truth…

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Engaging Food Input

One of my favorite units is teaching about food. You can probably tell from the number of resources I’ve shared dealing with Comida. Here are some great input that will have students remembering key phrases and vocabulary related to the … Continue reading

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Resources for LA RUTINA DIARIA

Teaching a unit about la Rutina Diaria? Here’s some resources for your Spanish classroom for this Reflexive Verb unit: Música/Videos Sr. Mara sings Reflex your Verby Youtube Mr. Bean Getting Ready * Youtube videos of Los Solecitos (30 second PSA … Continue reading

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Using Memes in Spanish

What’s the most important thing in a foreign language class? To give students comprehensible input and show them the language in context. When you can accomplish this and entertain the kids at the same time to keep their interest, you’ve … Continue reading

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