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In 15 days, Hispanic Heritage Month kicks off in the United States. For those of you who have followed this blog, you know that I love to teach my students about the importance of perspective.

I’ve also used the theme of travel to have students create their own passports. This year, in the second week of school, students put together their passports. They were able to follow the directions I gave in the target language, as I modeled the expected steps. This year instead of leaving the inside pages blank, I put the list of Hispanic Novels that my school librarian has collected for me. (OVER 100 NOVELS!!)

Using the image above, we talked about what learning about cultures does. My goal is for my students to read a minimum of 4 novels this year. The can choose any novel from the list (or any other than the librarian adds) to learn a bit more about the Hispanic culture. We talked about the differences between Big “C” culture and little “c” culture and I encourage students to make connections to the characters in these novels.

This download is available for FREE and you can encourage your students to find these books at your school or local library. You can make it a competition and see which student reads the most books. Kick it off during Hispanic Heritage Month and let your students perspective grow as the learn about latinos.

Download it for free and we would love if you give it a rating and feedback!!

Updated List of the Novels

Don’t teach Spanish? No worries, we’ve got an English version template for all grades that is 100% editable.

Book PassportMy favorite part of their passport is giving them a stamp from a Spanish speaking countries.
Novels about Hispanic Culture
See our list of novels about the Hispanic culture.
Traveling through literature Spanish passport

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  1. Awesome! Thanks so much for the list. Great resource!

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