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One of my biggest pet peeves is the spelling of the Colombia. In fact, I have even seen news programs get it wrong. The country of Colombia does not have a “U” in it. Not even in the “English version”. … Continue reading

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Adopt a Country

This past year, I had a new idea to expose my students to more culture and have them identify with a particular Hispanic country. I had each class “Adopt a Country” so to say. Each of my classes choose a … Continue reading

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Paul McCartney in Mexico

I love the Beatles and it was a thrill to see Paul McCartney rock out Chicago last summer at Wrigley Field. Since then, Paul has stopped at a few Hispanic countries including taking his “On the Run” tour to México. … Continue reading

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More Than Sombreros

Understanding the Mexican culture can be a hard thing to do in America. We are fighting against the abundance of stereotypes that exist about our neighbors to the north. Sombreros. Serapes. Cactus. Siestas. Tequila. Donkeys. Maracas. It doesn’t help when … Continue reading

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Cinco de Mayo Pledge

Today in class, I made the students repeat the following Pledge at the end of class. I shook their hands as they left the room. Cinco de Mayo Pledge I hereby declare that I recognize September 16th as Mexico’s Independence … Continue reading

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Cinco de Drinko

Take a look at the above calendar of Mexican Holidays. Take a closer look. What’s missing? Mexico’s America’s favorite holiday: Cinco de Mayo. Or as they refer to it in Mexico: Cinco de Drinko. That is because Mexicans get a … Continue reading

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El Clasico

If you have soccer fans in your classroom, they will undoubtedly know all about the big game this weekend between Real Madrid and Barcelona. Dubbed “El Clásico”, this game is as big as it gets in Spain. For information about … Continue reading

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Adding some culture to info-gaps

We all use info-gap activities with our Spanish students to engage them in the foreign language. These are the activities where they must ask their partner for missing information and likewise, respond to their partner’s questions. Some texts books have … Continue reading

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Using Calendars to decorate the classroom

It’s after the holidays and those 12 month calendars are on clearance. How can you use these to make your classroom look a bit more classier? Simple. Follow our steps and turn your classroom into a lovely art gallery. 1. … Continue reading

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Stocking Stuffers

A few short updates: -In our post about our clocks, you can see we have labels under each clock representing the country. Although in our classroom, we only have 6 clocks, one for each class period, we have make the … Continue reading

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