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Back in the Classroom

After a year with many teaching from our homes, most of us are back in the classroom this year. Seems like a good time for a fresh start and new beginnings. End of the last year I purged a lot … Continue reading

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Spanish Classroom Tour

Ok, so the bulletin boards are done and the posters are hung. Here’s what our students will walk into on the first day of classes.

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Adding Fireplace to your classroom

I’m guessing your building principal isn’t going to approve any plans to add a full functioning fireplace to your classroom. I don’t blame them. But we can still set the mood with a nice, relaxing, crackling fireplace in your room. … Continue reading

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Stocking Stuffers

A few short updates: -In our post about our clocks, you can see we have labels under each clock representing the country. Although in our classroom, we only have 6 clocks, one for each class period, we have make the … Continue reading

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Spanish Bulletin Board

It’s that time of year again. Putting up bulletin boards and getting your classroom ready for the students. Hope you had plenty of Stikki Clips on hand to hang up those posters, otherwise cross your fingers that you won’t walk … Continue reading

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Cognate Word Wall

A lot of Spanish teachers have the Spanish Alphabet posted in their classrooms. This visual can help show students the extra letters in Spanish and also the Spanish pronunciation. However, I take mine a bit further. I have posted mine … Continue reading

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