Adding some culture to info-gaps

We all use info-gap activities with our Spanish students to engage them in the foreign language. These are the activities where they must ask their partner for missing information and likewise, respond to their partner’s questions. Some texts books have some very good ones. At the top of the page, it designates one person as “Persona A” and the other as “Persona B”. Well, why not get the white out out and make each a bit more interesting than A and B. Try incorporating culture by writing the names of famous latinos on each page.

Try these famous duos or pairs of Hispanics:

  • Jesse Huerta y Joy Huerta (hermanos de Jesse & Joy)
  • Rodrigo y Gabriela (guitaristas mexicanos)
  • Frida Kahlo y Diego Rivera (artistas mexicanos y maridos)
  • Juanes y Shakira (cantantes colombianos)

    "Persona A y Persona B" o "Pique y Shakira"

  • Shakira y Pique (novios: cantante colombiana y fútbolista español)
  • Che Guevera y Fidel Castro (revolucionarios)
  • Gabriel García Marquéz y Octavio Paz (escritor colombiano y escrito mexicano)
  • Pablo Picasso y Salvador Dalí (artistas españoles)
  • César Chávez y Dolores Huerta (fundadores de United Farm Workers)
  • Diego Maradona y Leo Messi (dios argentino/fútbolista y su sucesor)
  • Presidente actual de México y President actual de otro país latino
  • Pancho Villa y Emiliano Zapata (revolucionarios mexicanos)
  • Salma Hayek y Penelope Cruz (amigas: actriz mexicana y actriz española)

Any other famous pairs? Feel free to add to this by leaving a comment below. Gracias.

For an info-gap activity…

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