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Time to talk about the elephant in the classroom

With the recent discussion about names, this message popped up: What are your thoughts about this? Does this seem right? Would this spark controversary? Take a minute to gather your thoughts before reading ahead….

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Why giving “Spanish Names” in Spanish class has unintended consequences

What was once a very common practice in Spanish classrooms has now become a bit controversial. While many teachers are choosing to no longer give students random “Spanish names”, the practice still continues. But those that continue to give names … Continue reading

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Thank you to all those who have participated so far in our #MoreThanSombreros campaign. Our goal is to celebrate the rich culture of the Mexican community and bring an awareness on how some images may be stereotypical. We choose to … Continue reading

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Silencing the Talking Taco

I happened to take a look at some of the products a popular Spanish-teacher catalog was promoting. As someone who enjoys not only the language, but the culture of the Spanish-speaking world I was embarrassed by what I have seen … Continue reading

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More Than Sombreros

Understanding the Mexican culture can be a hard thing to do in America. We are fighting against the abundance of stereotypes that exist about our neighbors to the north. Sombreros. Serapes. Cactus. Siestas. Tequila. Donkeys. Maracas. It doesn’t help when … Continue reading

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