El Clasico

If you have soccer fans in your classroom, they will undoubtedly know all about the big game this weekend between Real Madrid and Barcelona. Dubbed “El Clásico”, this game is as big as it gets in Spain. For information about el Clásico, see this wikipedia page. When these two teams play each other, everyone is watching, in what is considered the most anticipated game of the year. Lucky for us, they meet at least twice each season; home and away in La Liga. Meetings in other tournaments such as Copa del Rey and European Competition are additional bonuses. Over 218 matches played between the two clubs, the teams have tied 46

Spain La Liga futbol Webquest

Learn more about Spanish Futbol with this La Liga Webquest.

times, with Real Madrid being victorious 88 times and Barcelona winning El Clásico 85 times. These games are also big statements in winning the league that particular season, as these two clubs are almost always at the top of the  league standings.

The competitive nature of these two clubs is more than just a fútbol game as Barcelona represents the Catalan region and Madrid was granted use of “Real” by the Spanish Crown, and was favored by Spanish dictator Francisco Franco.
Check out these infographics detailing the best players of both teams.

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Messi v. Ronaldo

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Also check out the Mexican Clásico between top teams América and Chivas:

Chivas de Guadalajara y Club América

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Surely, being prepared to talk about this game on Monday will spark many of your students’ interest!
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3 Responses to El Clasico

  1. spanishplans says:

    Clasico from Saturday, October 6th, 2012: Chivas de Guadalajara and Club America de Mexico DF: http://www.examiner.com/article/chivas-take-mexican-clasico-at-azteca

  2. spanishplans says:

    El Clasico Saturday, October 26, 2013.

    New Faces for the future of El Clasico: http://deadspin.com/young-superstars-neymar-and-gareth-bale-are-the-future-1452199099

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