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Copa Mundial 2022

This year provides Spanish teachers an opportunity that hasn’t happened ever and will likely not happen again… the world’s biggest sporting event will take place during the school year. Normally taking place in the summer, the controversial decision to host … Continue reading

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History through soccer

It’s here! The 2014 World Cup kicks off today! And while we will be glued to the TV during all 64 games, there are some interesting shows that showcase the history of South America through the context of soccer. Produced … Continue reading

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End of La Liga

This year my students have each followed a specific Spanish-league team from the beginning of the season until now, the end of the season. Students would track their scores on a weekly basis using a Google Docs spreadsheet. Now that … Continue reading

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Copa Mundial

Just finished this 12 page packet for the World Cup. This 12 page packet features a 4 page webquest where students will find out information about the tournament, the teams, and its history. Also features 4 songs including the 2010 … Continue reading

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Sports Listening Video

This year my students have been following teams in La Liga. With the biggest game taking place over Spring Break, I used our first day back to watch a match recap and answer some questions in Spanish. I was able … Continue reading

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La Liga Bulletin Board

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We took slides that our students created as a result of our Futbol webquest and turned it into a bulletin board: We arranged them in order as the teams finished the previous season with Barcelona at the top as champions, … Continue reading

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Infografias de futbol

Continuing with our futbol theme of 2013-2014, here are some infographics from the Mexican revista “Fútbol Total” edición agosto 2013. Radamel Falaco, who has played club fútbol for Atlético Madrid in Spain’s La Liga, is a major component of getting … Continue reading

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I’ll admit, I’m a huge soccer fan. And I’ve been lucky to attend World Cup qualifying games in Costa Rica to see the passion firsthand. Being the number one sport in Latin America (and the world) gave me even more … Continue reading

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El Clasico

If you have soccer fans in your classroom, they will undoubtedly know all about the big game this weekend between Real Madrid and Barcelona. Dubbed “El Clásico”, this game is as big as it gets in Spain. For information about … Continue reading

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