Graphic Organizers

The following graphic organizers are a great way to help students understand the subject pronouns and verb conjugation.

The Hand Graphic Organizer
1. Have students trace their right hand (or their left hand palm up). The idea is make sure the thumb is on the left.
Using your hand to teach verb conjugations
2. Write in the subject pronouns at the top of each finger, where the fingernail would be. 3 of the subject pronouns relate perfectly with the imagery of the hand. Start with the thumb. The thumb stands for “Yo” because you can use your thumb to point back at yourself. The index finger is “Tú” because you can use your index finger to point to someone that you are talking to. And lastly, the ring finger stands for “Nosotros” because when you wear a ring, it symbolizes your relationship with someone else, “me and someone” equals “we”. Go ahead and add “él, ella, usted” to the middle finger (nothing to note on this one!!) and “ellos, ellas, ustedes” on the pinky. Someone students have come up with you make a “pinky promise” with “other people”.

3. Have the students think of a verb. If you are studying -ar verbs, then they would choose an -ar verb. Have them write this at the bottom of the palm and to draw a quick sketch in the middle of the palm.

4. Write the forms of the verb in each finger according to the subject. You can do this activity with any tense you are studying. The end result:
Using your hand to teach verb endings in Spanish5. Finally, cut it out. You can hang these up in your classroom or have the students use them as study tools.
Hand cutout to teach Verb Conjugation

Make a bulletin board of these…

Bulletin Board of Verb Conjugation Hands

Bulletin Board of VerbHands

For more graphic organizers for your Spanish class, including verb graphic organizers for conjugations, and for a FREE verb chart document……..

Flat Notecard Chart
1. Take a notecard, draw a line down the middle and two lines across to make six boxes.
2. Write in the verb forms according to the subject pronoun that is associated with that space. If you are teaching subject pronouns you can also make an organizer for that as well. The singular subjects are on the left hand side and the plural subjects on the right side.
Verb Tener conjugation

Flip Chart Notecard
1. Take an index card, fold it in half vertically (hot-dog style).
2. Cut 4 slits from the edge to the fold.
3. On the outside of the flap, write in the subject pronouns on the 5 flaps.Subject Pronouns Graphic Organizer

4. On the inside, underneath the flap or on the back, write the verb forms.
Conjugations of IR present tense5. You can also write the English definitions on the inside as well.
Conjugations of IR in English

Graphic Organizer Conjugation Sheet
A full page verb chart where students conjugate various verbs. You can dedicate a page to each tense. If you are teaching multiple tenses, it is helpful to copy each sheet onto different colors of paper. In this free document (available as PDF and in Word for editing), you get a blank chart, a chart with infinitives, and an filled in chart. You need a login to be able to download this document. For your FREE login, click here first: Sign Up. If you are already have an account or have just become a member, download our free product:

Free Product

Click image to download

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9 Responses to Graphic Organizers

  1. teachermrw says:

    I like this SO MUCH!!! I have bookmarked this. I am going to use this with my 7th grade Spanish 1 students when we get to the study of subject pronouns and verb conjugations. Thank you for sharing.

  2. spanishplans says:

    Glad it’s useful to you! Thanks for commenting!

  3. FlapJack says:

    Love it! Sure I will use it some time with my immersion kids. Sharing on FB, thanks!

  4. Shannon says:

    This was really helpful for me! I am in an education class (going for a major in Spanish teaching, Middle/High school) and I needed some help for creating a graphic organizer with my lesson plan and this was really cool! You really helped me out!

  5. Caroline says:

    Thank you so much for this! It lit the lightbulb for my 8th grade students who have been having a lot of trouble making the connection between their subject pronouns and verb endings!

  6. Mallorie says:

    I LOVE your tools! I’ll use them for both Spanish and French.
    I have a hard time finding good French-teacher-tricks… do you have any suggestions for whom
    to follow?

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  8. Cherin says:

    Trying this today, thanks! PS – thanks for the compliment on my classroom decor! 🙂

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