Los Verbos Reflexivos

When I was a student learning reflexives for the first time, I thought to myself, “Why do these verbs have a ‘se’ at the end? How am I supposed to conjugate these?” A topic I struggled with as a student, I had difficulty the first year I taught it to my own students. I cringed when one of my students, right before the quiz asked “What are reflexives???” Had she not been paying attention the last two weeks (very well a possibility)?? I thought to myself there must be a better way!

The following year, I used this guided note packet which fully explained the ins-and-outs of reflexive verbs. I watch as my students’ quiz scores rose. I saw them being able to use reflexive verbs in their writing. Clearly, they had “got it”.  And now I share this enlightenment with all the Spanish teachers out there struggling on how to best teach this difficult unit.

Reflexive Verbs Guided Notes packet
Break down the complexity and difficulty of Reflexive verbs for students through this guided notes packet. This 12 page packet goes step by step and explains the meaning of using the reflexive pronouns and differences in sentences between reflexive and non-reflexive such as “Me baño” and “Baño al perro”. Includes many practice sentences as well as responding to questions. Includes area of graphic organizer for conjugating these verbs.

Used as supplement to textbook Expresate (chapter 7), but appropriate to go along with any textbook.

But why stop at just the introduction? Download the WHOLE 2-3 week unit.

Reflexive Verb Unit Lesson Plan Packet

Lesson Plans to teach Reflexive Verbs (los verbos reflexivos). This 22 page packet contains a Guided Notes packet (13 pages) which explains reflexive verbs in detail and gives many examples. Also included are worksheets, pronunciation assessment, quiz, and a student project. This lesson is tried and true. Students become very successful using reflexives during this unit. Answers to guided notes packet (fill in the blanks) is included!

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Spanish Teacher in Chicago. Have studied or traveled to Costa Rica, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Spain, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Argentina, and Uruguay. Have taught level 1 at middle and high school levels. Degree in Spanish and Master's in Teaching and Leadership. Blogger www.SpanishPlans.org
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