Spooky Stories

Some Halloween tales for this week:

Authenic Reading of Haunted Hollywood Stars

This product features an authentic text from a Colombian Magazine regarding 6 stories of famous celebrities and their encounters with ghosts. Makes a great engaging lectura for students. Can be adapted to any levels of Spanish. The celebrities include Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus, Demi Lovato, Lady Gaga, Selena Gomez, and Bella Thorne.

6 texts about each celebrity. Editable Continue reading

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CI Midwest Takeaways 3

The second session I attended at Comprehensible Midwest 2017 in Ripon, Wisconsin was about using Non-fiction stories. Some critics of TPRS will say that the stories are silly and wonder when a student would need to talk about a pink elephant that goes to 3 different stores to look for pizza. Well, TPRS can be used to tell ANY story, fiction or not. This session was led by Jon Dicus who offered some createive strategies to incorporate real texts.

Some of my personal takeaways from Jon’s session: Continue reading

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CI Midwest Takeaways 2

It’s been about a busy month since CI Midwest took place but we finally have some time to post a few more of our thoughts and takeaways.

Notes from Justin Slocum Bailey’s (@indwellinglang) session:
Continue reading

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Comprehensible Midwest Takeaway 1

This past weekend, I spent my Saturday with nearly 200 like-minded teachers at an amazing conference in Ripon, Wisconsin during the second annual Comprehensible Midwest Conference.  It was such an amazing experience and I congratulate the small group that worked so hard to put it all together.

I’ve collected the best tweets of #CIMW17: Continue reading

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Helping Mexico and Puerto Rico

After the earthquake in Mexico and the hurricane in Puerto Rico, these two places have been devastated by destruction and in need of serious aide. Many funds have been established to send relief and help rebuild and provide aide to the people who have been left without homes and in need to food and water.

If you haven’t talked about it in class yet, I suggest taking a look at these resources provided by Martina Bex: Unidos Por Puerto Rico: Materials for Spanish teachers and Los heroes del terremoto: materials for Spanish teachers.

So what can we do? Personally, I am donating all the proceeds from the sale of the Puerto Rico and Mexico stamps until the end of October.

But I also hope to get my school involved. I was thinking of organizing a “Movie Night” at my school around Day of the Dead and showing the movie “Book of Life”. I might now take that idea and use it as a fundraiser for these efforts. Our student council has done a movie-screening before: charging a suggested donation of $2 to enter and then selling snacks, including Jarritos drinks.

Any other ideas? Please share what your department or classes in doing to give the inspiration to others to help as well.

And if you are looking to donate, here are the two organizations we will be supporting:

United For Puerto Rico

Global Giving Mexico Earthquake Relief Fund


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FVR Classroom Library Labels

Sometimes my OCD takes over and my organization monster takes over. So I thought I would share the fruits of my labor with other teachers who want to organize their Spanish classroom library. We’ve got labels of 2 sizes and you can download them for free.
Continue reading

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Making children’s books more comprehensible

As we talked about in our previous post, children’s book are usually not the best type of book for a second language classroom, although there is one that we do like. Most of the words are not comprehensible enough to help students acquire the language. And we know that input only aides in acquisition if it is comprehensible. So, if we plan to use children’s books, we have to do a little bit of work to make it comprehensible; but thankfully it is really easy. Continue reading

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Open House Parent Night

We just had our Back to School Open House night for parents this past week and I’d like to share a handout that you can give to parents to explain TPRS and using comprehensible input in your Spanish classroom.  This file is completely editable so you can adapt it to your own particular situation. It does include some great quotes about language acquisition and the benefits of using TPRS. I’ve also attached a link to a google slides presentation that you can also use.

To download the free file Continue reading

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TPRS Curriculum Year 1

Over the summer, I had time to organize the stories I teach. I was able to a document the story, it’s targeted vocabulary structures, grammar pop-ups and even cultural notes.
Plan your TPRS curriculum this with google docThis is for an 8th grade (second year of level 1), however it is the first year they use learn through storytelling.

You will see a mix of Senor Wooly, MovieTalks, and well as stories I’ve written myself. You can check out this google doc and make a copy for your own editing purposes. Continue reading

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Hombre Mosca Readers and Stories

If you are looking for a Fun AND Compelling story for your class, but can’t think of one, you’re in luck. Scholastic en español publishes the FlyMan series in Spanish and boy, are these books great for storytelling and acting out in class.

I typically don’t use a lot of (if any) children’s books in my class, because a lot of them are not comprehensible for my students. However, this series is written and illustrated in a manner that is would be appropriate for early level classes. And if you do it as a class story, you can make it 100% comprehensible.

I first checked the book HombreMosca y Frankenmosca out from my local library and loved it so much I bought my own copy and plan to use it as a story during Halloween time. This story is perfect for beginning level students because Continue reading

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