Travel Documents

Now that our students have their plane tickets, it’s time to make sure they have their travel documents with them!

It’s time to have students make their own passport, make sure their VISA is filled out, and carry their ID card with them. Spanish Travel Documents
Get our passport covers, passport pages, Colombian Visa, and Colombia ID card here.
You may also want to check out Passport Pages for all 21 Spanish Speaking Countries from Creative Language Class.

And if you are going to use passports, why not get our Passport Stamps?

Chile Passport StampStamp your students’ passport with culturally-rich designs from Ecuador, Chile, Mexico, Spain, and many other countries. Stamp their passport after you’ve studied that country or even as you’ve completed a unit.





Get the editable templates for the Travel Documents and Airline Boarding pass:

Printable Passport Template   Editable Airline Ticket Template

You can purchase one of our many Spanish Speaking Countries rubber stamps to mark your students passport.

passport-rubber-stampsOr you can buy our Clipart Set of the Passport stamps to print out.

Passport Stamps Clipart

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