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Perspective through literature

While travel is the best way to broaden your perspective, that may be a bit difficult for our students. We talk about the image below of a man standing on top of a stack of books and being able to … Continue reading

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Adding a little perspective

To piggyback off one of our earlier posts where we talk about the importance of Perspective in World Language, we wanted to post our perspective images that make up our Perspective Wall to display in your classroom.

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¿Quién tiene la razón? ¿Cómo es posible que los dos tengan razón? One of the most important tasks outside of language learning that world language teachers face is to make our students aware of the world outside their community. To … Continue reading

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White privilege of Names

As you may know, I have devoted several blog posts over the years to the issue of assigning or letting students choose “Spanish names” in the Spanish classroom. Now with many more teachers being more aware of what white privilege … Continue reading

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Special Person Interviews

This is a guest post from Christy of Christy’s Classroom who tells how she incorporates the Special Person Interviews in her Spanish class. This quarter in my middle school classes I have been incorporating special person interviews. This is a … Continue reading

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End of Year Feedback

Any good teacher is always looking ways to be a better teacher. So at the end of the school year as I reflect upon the last 9 months and look ahead for planning for the new year, I go to … Continue reading

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CI Midwest Takeaways 3

The second session I attended at Comprehensible Midwest 2017 in Ripon, Wisconsin was about using Non-fiction stories. Some critics of TPRS will say that the stories are silly and wonder when a student would need to talk about a pink … Continue reading

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Reading Passport

In 15 days, Hispanic Heritage Month kicks off in the United States. For those of you who have followed this blog, you know that I love to teach my students about the importance of perspective. I’ve also used the theme … Continue reading

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Sorting Activity for Class Reading

If you are reading a novel in your world language class, this activity is a great way to make sure students take away the most important events. Similar to a Yellow Summary, where students highlight the most important, this activity … Continue reading

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March Madness Book Tournament

Our March Music Madness was a huge success, so today we’d thought we’d offer an alternative that you may have seen from LA/LIT teachers or in your school library. This is a book tournament of novels, written about the Hispanic … Continue reading

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