March Music Madness 2017

It’s here! Our favorite time of year: When 16 songs go head-t0-head to see which hit will de declared the winner of March Music Madness. Our 2016 Bracket was a success, with students falling in love with the eventual winner.

And after receiving many inquiries about our 2017 Bracket, we are please to finally release our official bracket. We had a hard time narrowing down a list of just 17 songs that were just right for our annual tournament. We wanted to make sure that all songs were school appropriate for a wide range of audiences and avoided songs with references to sex, alcohol, or objectification. We wanted this year’s bracket to feature songs that were current, with well known artists, and genres that appeal to students. Without further adu…. the March Music Madness 2017 Bracket:

March Music Madness 2017

If you follow us on twitter, you might have noticed we even made a few changes at the last minute. But there it is. You can use this bracket in your own classes, or create your own bracket. If you are new to this, you will want to find out more about how to facilitate this tournament in your class.

Otherwise, you can now download our 2017 Bracket with:march-music-madness-2017-bracket
-Editable Bracket Template
-Our 2016 Bracket and 2017 Bracket
-Youtube Playlists of songs from each
-16 activities to use with the songs (that’s one for every song)
-Lyrics for all 2017 songs (editable)



As we start this tournament with students, we will be posting that day’s bracket on our twitter, @SpanishPlans, so you can vote yourself. Which song do you think is the early favorite? Share in the comments!  You can also post links to your own brackets.

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Spanish Educator, with focus on acquisition Educator Enthusiast I love learning about and sharing culture.
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2 Responses to March Music Madness 2017

  1. loni says:

    Are all of the videos appropriate for school or do you show some lyric videos?

    • spanishplans says:

      I show mostly lyric videos. Only a few of the actual videos end up being appropriate for ALL audiences. If you do the tournament, I suggest creating a youtube playlist. But make sure to preview any video before you show it to your class. We have a link to our playlist in the product.

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