Lectura Libre

I finally started “FVR” or Free Voluntary Reading time with my students this last week. For an idea on what FVR is, check out this post by K.Placido, “Sustained Silent Reading in Language Class“.

Our first day we spent 5-6 minutes reading. My goal is to do this 1-2 times per week and grow from there.

My FVR Library:
-TPRS novels, most from FluencyMatters.com: Robo en la Noche, Capibara con botas, Brandon Brown series, Peter va a Colombia, Fiesta Fatal, Felipe Alou, among others.
-Class stories that I have compiled into 2 binders.
-Stories from Blaine Ray’s “Look I can Talk” book.
-Stories purchased from TeachersPayTeachers. (You can check out some of ours at SpanishPlans, such as a Simon’s Cat embedded reading).

Reading Log:
Since the purpose of FVR is to let the students enjoy the reading it is important not to make it cumbersome by adding some type of assignment to it. However, I am trying this reading log, more-so to let kids keep track of what they are reading so they can choose the same book if they wish to continue. We shall see if this is a something I continue with. But if you’d like a copy, you can download it as a PDF (lectura-libre-fvr-log)  or editable Word file (fvr-log).




About spanishplans

Spanish Educator, with focus on acquisition Educator Enthusiast I love learning about and sharing culture. Love traveling through central and south America. Music is a big part of my life and my teaching.
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One Response to Lectura Libre

  1. Wow, a great idea to get students responsible for reading on their own. i plan to use it for my 8th graders next quarter. I may have it be a grade too. They have already read a few simple novels but there is so much more online to explore. Smithsonian Spanish Tween Tribune is a great resource to use for this. Short stories and can all be done in Spanish too.

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