Facebook in Spanish

We just gave one of our most popular product a huge upgrade. We are quickly approaching 1,000 licenses sold for our Spanish Facebook Profile Project. If you are one of those who already has this project, you will want to log in to and re-download the new version. If you Spanish Facebook Profile Projectdon’t have this project yet, this is a perfect way to start the school year and gather information from your students by having them fill out a Facebook profile with their favorite things.

Spanish Facebook Profile

Along with the 3 page template  (Profile, Newsfeed, Notifications), this also comes with a list of Facebook vocabulary (tagging, commenting, sharing, etc.) as well as texting-shorting such as “tmbn” for también and many more!

And to correspond with this re-release, we are happy to say that our Facebook “Me Gusta” stamp is also available once again! You can get this stamp exclusively in our SpanishPlans.org store.
selfinkingspanishstamp2Your students are going to love having their papers stamp with this iconic image. And what better way to grade their Facebook project than with a “Me Gusta” stamp!

Facebook Project for Spanish Class

Facebook Profile Project for Spanish class! Includes template for Profile, Newsfeed, and Notifications pages in Spanish!





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